Moneythink is a movement of college students working to restore the economic health of the United States through financial literacy education in underprivileged areas. CMU students are trained to serve as mentors to low-income teens in high school classrooms located right here in Pittsburgh. Our mentors lead students through a weekly program focused on the real-world financial decisions and deliver effective financial and career education to our students.

For Everyone

Here at Moneythink CMU we teach primarily high school students in lower income areas throughout Pittsburgh. Our goal is educate these students in their teens so that they are prepared to make smart financial choices once they become adults and start making independent choices about their life.

Our standard curriculum covers a wide variety of topics, including goal setting, credit, banking, and budgeting. Our mentoring groups have historically altered their lesson plans to better fit the type of students they are mentoring, focusing more heavily in the areas of their choosing than other, less relevant topics.

We believe that all Americans should have a basic understanding of personal finance so that they can navigate through an ever changing world. With the rapid rise of technology, it’s become easier and easier to mismanage money, and we believe that the best remedy is education, starting at the high school level.

For CMU Students

A Moneythink Mentor gets to have direct, tangible impact on their students lives. Mentoring students that are near one’s age gives you a chance to engage them in a way that very few can, and helps you develop your public speaking, emotional intelligence and ability to teach difficult concepts in simple terms. Plus, mentors get to join a growing group of other CMU students that are passionate about making a real impact on one of the biggest problems in America and make bonds that can last them throughout their time in college.

All undergraduate students are welcome to apply to Moneythink CMU. Each mentor is required to pass a Pennsylvania state background check and receive their clearances before they go into the classroom (which we help facilitate once you’ve been selected to be a mentor).

There is approximately a 3 hours a week commitment to being a Moneythink Mentor. This includes prelesson meetings with your mentoring groups, mentoring, transportation, and our weekly chapter meetings.

Yes! We train all our mentors on the material we teach in the classroom before they begin mentoring, so even if you don’t have any knowledge of financial literacy, we still highly recommend that you apply 🙂 .

For Schools

If you’d like to bring Moneythink into your class, please use the contact form below to get in contact with us! Someone from our team will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.
We typically work with high school students, generally as part of a home economics / career-readiness classes, although we are open to going into any class regardless of size, age, or subject. Typically our mentors come in once a week for a single class period. We work closely with teachers to ensure that our curriculum complements their existing lesson plan, rather than replacing it.

Moneythink students gain knowledge and direction about how to live comfortably through careful planning and foresight. Students are taught to set goals for themselves, choose the right financial institutions and tools for their individual situation, and how to avoid common mistakes with their money, thereby preparing for their life and career ahead.

For Potential Partners

We’re always on the lookout for potential sponsors, big or small. If you’re interested in working with us, please use the form below to talk about your interest and give us your contact information, and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.
In addition to sponsorship, our partners can help us by providing donations of food, classroom supplies, or by serving as guest speakers in the classroom and for training our mentors. Not sure how you might be able to help? Contact us below and we’re sure that we can figure something out.

Membership Application

Apply and join the movement today! Our application can be found here. After completing the application we will get in contact with you to confirm one of the interview times that you selected. We look forward to meeting you!

Our Impact

Moneythink has:

Trained over 950 college volunteers…
… to provide financial mentoring to over 7300 students in need…
… in over 100 high school classrooms…
… across 30 communities nationwide.

as of December 2013.

Our Team

Executive Board


Apoorva Havanur



Suren Wanasundera

VP of Operations


Kevin Kong

Vice President of Membership


Winston Zhou

Director of Campus Relations


Rohan Nagalkar

Director of Mentorship


Nick Cheung

Director of External Relations


Alvina Zhang

Director of Finances


Allysa Dong

Director of Chapter Activities


Kathleen Conway

Faculty Advisor


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Mentoring Partners

Taylor Allderdice High School

Westinghouse High School

Urban Pathways Charter School